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A Small Business Consulting Digital Marketing & Web Design Firm


Our Philosophy

Our overarching philosophy is exemplifying our values of leadership, purpose, sustainability and community.


We believe that leadership is best shown through example and servitude.  Daley Consulting is a small business and we use the solutions we offer to other small businesses.   We also believing that leaders should serve in the best interest of their employees. We should work everyday to create a successful environment throw empowering them, assisting them in removing obstacles and ensuring they have the tools they need to make them successful. 


We believe in having a purpose that is higher than our personal needs, wants and desires. Our purpose should be one that can be fulfilled in every part of our life: personal, professional, and social. It is through that higher purpose where spiritual connections are found. Through those connection we build something that contribute to the good of mind kind and that last beyond our human years.


We believe we must teach our clients to be sustainable. Understanding strategy, planning, execution, evaluation and continual improvement is critical to business longevity.  To make a long-lasting and stable change in the community a business must have staying power. 


The purpose of starting a business is to offer a service that the community needs. We believe that a business only exists because of the community that patronizes its service. As a business thrives, the community around it must thrive. It is a moral obligation that businesses have and it is included in the model we use and teach.

Jowanna Daley, MBA, PMP, CSM

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Robert DAley, MBA, CSP

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